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The Benefits of The Beauty Clinic Mobile

The benefits of getting a mobile facial are bountiful! Let's first acknowledge how incredibly convenient it is to have the spa pull up to your front door! There are definitely other mobile options, but there is not another actual spa on wheels in North Indy. The Beauty Clinic is clean, calm, and relaxing. Many people are shocked to hear that 90% of our patrons fall asleep during their services. And might we add, how absolutely flattering it is to hear sounds of sweet somber coming from you!

With convenience and comfort being our top priority to make your experience unmatched to other spas, we also would like to mention how are facials keep getting better and better. What we do that most spas don't is offer an actual 60 minute hands on service. Most generally, when you book a facial somewhere you get 45-50 minutes of hands-on time. At The Beauty Clinic we want you to receive the whole hour of pampering.

Our specialty is spa parties and group events. We love meeting you for pampering and relaxation. With hundreds of parties/events under our belt, we definitely consider ourselves pros at this! When booking your event, you can rest assure that this is a fine-tuned operation. Professionalism and knowledge help to create an experience to keep our patrons coming back to us for their party/group events.

The reason we ask you to request a time for your spa experience is because we believe in total accommodation for our clients. We promptly reply to your requests and want you to have the best experience from to start to finish. We also, love to hear feedback from you and if you have any suggestions to make your experience better, we are always open to hearing your thoughts.

As you can see, our passion for pampering is profound. We hope to see you soon for all you individual and spa party needs.